I am a 74 year old man who loves Zumba®. I have been doing it for a couple of years and want to say that it is not scary or impossibly hard. While it can be challenging if you want to make it so you can start gently and go at your own pace. Everyone is very accepting and there is no pressure. I walked into a class with no introduction and was soon feeling comfortable in the situation. Age and gender are no barriers. The instructors are all very good and make the classes “fun first”.  It is much easier to work out if the experience is enjoyable and rewarding. That is Zumba®.

Don L.


I have severe advanced osteoarthritis in both my knees. With my mobility problems, where I cannot stand, Claire‘s Zumba® Gold Chair Class is the perfect way to get exercise. In the chair, I totally enjoy the Latin beat and Salsa music as I exercise my arms, upper body and legs as I sit. I get a really good work-out that is good for my health and my heart – and it is a safe way to move my knees and legs. Equally important, I have a lots of laughs and a lot of fun!

One of the worst things about having a serious mobility problem is the islolation, because it is hard to get around. But with the Zumba® Gold Chair Class, I get the social benefits and I talk with the gals, joke around and just enjoy myself. The class is very beneficial to my mental health as well as my physical health – it really picks me up and lifts my mood. Claire Handley is very personable, kind and patient and she wants everyone to feel comfortable in her class. I highly recommend this Zumba® & Gold Chair Class as a potential class at the Victoria Arthritis Centre for people with osteoarthritis – it is very low-key, very gentle and very helpful – and a fabulous way for people with arthritis and mobility problems to get essential exercise!

Doreen Marion G.

(Victoria Arthritis Centre Client)


It’s a work out that is not a workout …it’s a lot of fun with a group of smiling enthusiastic people.  Great teachers and a welcoming attitude.  Studio VZF has supportive, committed and educated instructors, who are passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to offer the best fitness experience possible.

Eric C.


The instructors are friendly and encouraging – great people people!

Gillian H.


Studio VZF has gotten me back to enjoying and wanting to work out and introduced me to a whole community of friends (my Zumba® family), who have enriched my life immensely.

Zumba® with Studio VZF makes it easy for anyone, at any fitness level, to succeed and to enjoy working out in the process. VZF instructors genuinely care about each and every student that walks through the door.  They take the time to find out what peoples’ individual needs are, and help you as much as they can to achieve your goals.

Fun & effective workouts, lead by well trained and experienced instructors, who know their stuff!  They also continue to learn and grow within the fitness world by furthering their own training, which in turn always keep things fresh & exciting for us students.

Katrina S.


I just wanted to let you know what a monumental impact Zumba® fitness has had on my life.  Before I started doing Zumba® with Studio VZF in March 2012, I was almost 100 pounds overweight and hadn’t exercised in over 10 years.  Although I was very nervous and self-conscious at the beginning of my first Zumba® class, I  ended up enjoying myself right away because I was able to modify the steps to my (lack of) fitness level, and the choreography and music were so much fun that it didn’t even feel like exercising.

Within just a few weeks I worked my way up from 2 classes per week to 3 and then 4, and my fitness improved dramatically in quite a short time.  Now after 16 months of doing Zumba® I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, I’ve lost 90 pounds, and I have more energy than I did in my 20’s (I’m 47).  And, best of all, I no longer have any of the aches and pains that used to be a part of my daily life.

I am SO grateful to have found Zumba® and Studio VZF, and I tell everyone I know how fun Zumba® is and how wonderful the instructors at Studio VZF are.  I have met so many fun and inspiring people through Studio VZF, and my life is so much richer now.  Thanks Studio VZF!

Lea C.


Zumba® with Studio VZF has enabled me to see positive results (40lbs lost and counting) while enjoying the journey. I’m reaching my goal, having fun doing it, and making great friends! It is effective, fun, and you become part of a friendly, non-judgmental and supportive community.

Mandy R.


My Zumba® journey began in Atlanta in 2009.  I was addicted from the 1st class, and fell in love with my home group and instructors.  4 yrs ago when we found out we were moving to Victoria my only concern was “What about my Zumba® friends?”  With a little research I found the StudioVZF ladies laughing and dancing in the rain. I contacted Claire, and she graciously said “yes, there’s Zumba® in Victoria!!!!!” 

Within the first week of my family moving here, I went to her class.  I do remember her giving me “The Look” as I was shouting, dancing and making noises.  I think she was pleasantly surprised at my passion for Zumba®.  I fell in love with StudioVZF family, and rest is history.  I never thought I would be an instructor, but with Claire’s mentoring, I got the courage.  I am so very grateful to have the privilege to be a part of an incredible instructor team & am proud to be in collaboration with such a professional, fun loving group of women.  I have the utmost respect and support for Claire, Adriana and the rest of the StudioVZF family.

Rosie G.


Moving to Victoria and knowing no-one but my boyfriend, I found a new Zumba® family at Studio VZF. Zumba® unites strangers!  Studio VZF works their bums off to offer lots of seasonal events and themed masterclasses which are open to all. And now we even have a monthly social meet-up after a budget price class so that everyone can afford that little treat, and have time to chat over dinner and drinks.

I come to Studio VZF because the instructors are among the best on the island. Friendly, buzzing, crazy, and they make everyone in the room feel special.  Studio VZF also live the Zumba® spirit and philosophy to the full.  The instructors are always improving their skills by attending trainings, jams, and conferences. Not every Zumba® instructor in the world bothers to do that but Studio VZF instructors invest in themselves to make our class experience the best it can be.

Shirley T.


We could tell by all the huge smiles that your Zumba group set the tone for the event and got everyone in the mood for fun! We couldn’t have found a better warm-up than Zumba and you guys.  We hope that you had fun as well and will join us again next year.

Verna W.

   (Coordinator – Special Events: Easter Seals Woman2Warrior )