Next TGIZ May 22nd


Join us for dinner and drinks after the event: Reservation for 7:30pm at the new location of Bin 4 Burger Lounge: 100-3271 Maple St. Saanich, BC V8X 4Y9 (Next to Accent Inn, off Blanshard St. @ Cloverdale Ave.)

Cops for Cancer Fundraiser

On behalf of the entire Studio VZF team, Adriana and Claire want to thank each and every person who supported our enormously successful fundraiser for the 2013 Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock on August 24th. It went beyond our wildest expectations. The cheque above is for $3,387 but by the time we were done (including donations from Catherine Bootsman’s Saturday Zumba class at VI Oak Bay), our total was $4,612.90.


We wish Kevin the best of luck for a successful ride that starts next Saturday.  Tour De Rock Official Website

Victoria BC’s Zumba Specialists

In September 2009, I taught my first Zumba class at Royal Oak Middle School through Saanich Recreation.  I was the only officially licensed member of the Zumba Instructor Network offering classes in town and the 3 classes I offered were pretty much sold out in no time.

Jennifer Booty was at my first class, standing in the front row wearing a huge baggy t-shirt, looking excited and a bit terrified at the same time.  She had been flipping through the Saanich Recreation schedule looking for a yoga class when she found Zumba and thought, “that looks like fun!”  Little did she know how Zumba was going to change her life. By June of 2010, the baggy t-shirt was gone – she had also lost 40 pounds and acquired her Zumba instructor license.

When I was a newer Zumba instructor, Jennifer was one of those great people to have in class.  She had (and still has) a memory like a steel trap and would know my choreography inside and out.  If my memory failed, I just needed to check to see what she was doing and copy her… it was like having a living cheat sheet.

So, here we are four years later!  I still forget my choreography sometimes or shake it up accidentally-on-purpose.  And Jennifer can still remember choreography better than anyone I know.  She and I are going to mark our four-year Zumba anniversary by team-teaching at ROWI on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00pm. If you haven’t been to one of Jennifer’s classes for a while, you’re going to inspired to dance harder, torch some calories and have a blast.  Please join us!