Victoria BC’s Zumba Specialists

In September 2009, I taught my first Zumba class at Royal Oak Middle School through Saanich Recreation.  I was the only officially licensed member of the Zumba Instructor Network offering classes in town and the 3 classes I offered were pretty much sold out in no time.

Jennifer Booty was at my first class, standing in the front row wearing a huge baggy t-shirt, looking excited and a bit terrified at the same time.  She had been flipping through the Saanich Recreation schedule looking for a yoga class when she found Zumba and thought, “that looks like fun!”  Little did she know how Zumba was going to change her life. By June of 2010, the baggy t-shirt was gone – she had also lost 40 pounds and acquired her Zumba instructor license.

When I was a newer Zumba instructor, Jennifer was one of those great people to have in class.  She had (and still has) a memory like a steel trap and would know my choreography inside and out.  If my memory failed, I just needed to check to see what she was doing and copy her… it was like having a living cheat sheet.

So, here we are four years later!  I still forget my choreography sometimes or shake it up accidentally-on-purpose.  And Jennifer can still remember choreography better than anyone I know.  She and I are going to mark our four-year Zumba anniversary by team-teaching at ROWI on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00pm. If you haven’t been to one of Jennifer’s classes for a while, you’re going to inspired to dance harder, torch some calories and have a blast.  Please join us!