Master Class Sunday March 15th

Martin Mitchel, Zumba International Presenter, Zumba Master Class Flyer 2014, Zumba Fitness Events, Victoria Zumba Fitness, Studio VZF, Victoria British Columbia Canada*ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 15th*

Could all participants PLEASE try to bring correct change for the entrance fee, we would REALLY appreciate it! Thank-You and see you all tomorrow for this fantastic party!

Hey StudioVZF!

This is totally last minute but the amazing Martin Mitchel is coming to Victoria for a Zumba® Master Class.  His gig in Quebec fell through and he’s coming here instead (Lucky us!).

For more information on Martin please see: or look him up on Facebook at: Martin Mitchel ( ZUMBA D’RD )

This is part of Martin’s world tour, so don’t miss this amazing experience, with this Zumba® International presenter!

Date: Sunday, March 15

Time: 5:00-6:30

Venue: St. Margaret’s School, 1080 Lucas Ave.

Tickets: At the door

General Admission-$25 (pay by cash or cheque)

There are 20 VIP Tickets available-$30.00

*Sold on a first come first serve basis by calling and reserving at 250-888-8403*
**VIP Gets meet & greet pics before class and allows ticket holder to do the class within the first two rows**