Sheryl Aguenza Marson

Meet Sheryl!


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Camarines Sur, Philippines

About Her Class: I always know that dancing makes people happy and fit.  It’s my dream to show to other people that life is too short and being happy is the best thing we can do right now and being fit is an excellent choice that you can do for yourself. My Zumba class is full of fun and the beat of my music is uplifting. 

Why She Started Teaching Zumba®: I started teaching Zumba because I love dancing and for me it’s one way to help other people to be fit and have fun.

What Makes Zumba® Special For Her: Zumba is special for me because it gives me confidence to face other people and I can show what type of personality I have when I am dancing.

How Long Does It Take Her To Learn Choreography? If my son is disturbing me it will take me one day to learn the choreography but if I’m alone it will take me two hours including the cueing.

What Is She Most Proud Of? I am proud that I can help other people being fit and happy by doing Zumba. “Walk the talk” is my favorite phrase or “practice what you preach”.

What Is Something That Amazes Her?

It amazes me when I see various kinds of people; race, colour, size, gender, occupation, financial situation, come together and be in one when they are dancing.

What Is Something She Needs Everyday? I cannot go on without praying everyday. It gives me so much strength and confidence.

What Does She Like To Eat And/Or Drink At A Party? I would like to drink fizzy water with lemon and I want to eat veggies and nuts.  

What Is Her Favorite Thing To Do That Is Not Zumba®? I love gardening because it represents HOPE whenever I see the shoot or bud coming up.


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