Mandy Doxtator

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Victoria, BC

About Her Class:

When you walk into my class, be prepared to have an interactive experience full of fun, sweat, and booty shakes!

Why She Started Teaching Zumba®:

I had danced most of my life but had to give it up due to an injury. I took my first Zumba® class in January, 2014 with Studio VZF – I instantly fell in love! Not long after my introduction to Zumba®, I decided to take the Instructor Training and I’ve never looked back. In my early days at Studio VZF, I was very fortunate to be able to bond with another Instructor who ended up being an amazing mentor. Her commitment to my success has helped me become the Instructor I am today.

What Makes Zumba® Special For Her:

The joy I feel from watching participants thrive in this environment is beyond my wildest dream. The bond and excitement I get to share with participants when their faces are full of sweat and smiles made me quickly realize that Zumba® has filled a void in my life that had been missing since I left dance. Zumba® makes me feel as though I have found myself again! 

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How Long Does It Take Her To Learn Choreography?

It varies on the length of time it takes for me to learn choreography, but it usually takes about an hour or two to master one song.

What Would Surprise Her Participants The Most?

I think what would surprise you the most about me is that I may come across as a “city girl” but I actually love the country; firing guns (target practice only) and driving big trucks.

What Is She Most Proud Of?

My achievements in dance including the ability to perform in places such as Disneyland and the Caribbean. I’m proud of these accomplishments because they have helped to shape who I am today.

What Is Something That Amazes Her?

What amazes me are precious moments in life that I have experienced and shared with my family and friends.

What Is Something She Needs Everyday?

The thing I need most everyday is definitely my morning coffee every day….but I also need smiles, laughter and hugs!

What Does She Like To Eat And/Or Drink At A Party?

My favorite party food is definitely Sweet Thai Chili Chicken Wings.  Mmmm….so delicious!

What Is Her Favorite Thing To Do That Is Not Zumba®?

Hiking with my family including my fur-baby!

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