Deborah Ward

my bio pic 2Meet Debb!

 Instructor–BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Instructor Since:



Toronto, Ontario

About Her Class:

I strive to have the right combination of dance and muscle toning. I like to focus on toning all of the muscle groups through good cueing and communication. Add to that dancing to multicultural rythms. It is the best of both worlds in one fitness class!

Why She Started Teaching Zumba®:

I love it as a form of expression.

What Makes Zumba® Special For Her:

The people, new friendships and of course the music!

How Long Does It Take Her To Learn Choreography?

Depending on the difficulty, 4 to 5 days to really know it.


What Would Surprise Her Participants The Most?

I judge orchids and I have 14 birds.

What Is She Most Proud Of?

I have accomplished a lot of personal goals in the last two years, I am most proud of those.

What Is Something That Amazes Her?

People, the beauty of nature & inspirational friends.

What Is Something She Needs Everyday?

I always need something to look forward to.

What Does She Like To Eat And/Or Drink At A Party?

I like snacky salty things and a good glass of red wine if I don’t have to drive.

What Is Her Favorite Thing To Do That Is Not Zumba®?

No one thing! Dancing (Hip hop, house, popping), personal training, bird watching, orchid growing, laughing, enjoying the company of good friends.




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