Claire Handley

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Instructor–BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor


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Nanaimo, BC

About Her Class:

Fun, welcoming and inclusive! Whether someone is in the back row or front row, I want them to feel successful, have a blast and a great workout, and to feel like they are part of a community. I want to give them the best 60 minutes of their day. I have a really diverse play list – you will hear a lot of salsa, merengue, and cumbia in my class plus reggaeton, Bollywood, pop … just great music. Oh, and a great workout that feels like a party!

Why She Started Teaching Zumba®:

I discovered Zumba® while on holiday in Mexico. I was already a fitness instructor teaching multiple formats in multiple clubs, but there was (as we all know now) something unique about that Zumba® experience that touched my soul. It was life affirming and life changing too! With no dance background, I look like an electrified chicken trying to imitate the moves at those first classes, but I LOVED it. When I got back from holiday, I couldn’t find a class in town so I decided to become an instructor and bring Zumba® to Victoria.

What Makes Zumba® Special For Her:

So many things! Personally, it has allowed me to grow in ways that I never imagined – confidence, self-acceptance, joyful living – and, it has given me a community of friends that were missing from my life before. Some people have shared their personal stories with me and I’m amazed how Zumba® helps people cope with the stuff life throws at them – whether it is illness, divorce, work stress, family troubles or something else.

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How Long Does It Take Her To Learn Choreography?

It really depends on the music – I can learn some songs in 15 minutes if I’m focused and the music really moves me, but there are others that just seem to take forever. I love it when I introduce a song in class and I see participants add a little something that makes it even better … I’ll steal their moves and integrate them into the choreo as participants master the basic steps … so, the truth is, my choreography evolves as participants master it.

What Would Surprise Her Participants The Most?

Two things. First, I’m an introvert. Second, and more importantly, I have struggled with depression and anxiety disorder for almost all of my adult life. Discovering Zumba has helped me find and experience joy in movement and that has been incredibly healing.

What Is She Most Proud Of?

My relationship with my husband … I’m proud of how we have navigated the crunchy and smooth parts of our marriage.

What Is Something That Amazes Her?

The complexity of emotions and human relationships – how fragile and how strong we are all at the same time.

What Is Something She Needs Everyday?

My morning espresso – I do not function without it.

What Does She Like To Eat And/Or Drink At A Party?

Give me savory junk food: chips and Cheezies are guilty pleasures. I never buy Cheezies but if I see them on the table at a party, I can’t help myself. My party drink of choice is gin and tonic. I have recently, thanks to Zumba, become very fond of Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha.

What Is Her Favorite Thing To Do That Is Not Zumba®?

Hanging out with my animals, gardening and flying trapeze, I can’t choose just one…


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