Cindy Haverland

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Meet Cindy!


Instructor since:



Vancouver, British Columbia

About Her Class:

Come and HAVE FUN, WORK HARD, make it your own, be grateful you have the ability to move in any way.

Why She Started Teaching Zumba®:

I have been involved with dance and performing for the better part of my life, injuring my back in the process. I had to take a break from dance but had the burning desire to “move” and discovered Zumba® Fitness! It was love at first sight.

What Makes Zumba® Special For Her:

The people that I have met, the stories I have heard, they humble me.

How Long Does It Take Her To Learn Choreography?

It depends on the choreography. If I am creating it , it can vary from a couple of hours to months just because I can’t finish one dang blasted piece of it! Pre-set DVD choreo is much easier but it’s learning the music that takes time.

What Is She Most Proud Of?

My four nephews, I had nothing to do with the creation & development of them outside of a minor genetic similarity but I explode with pride whenever I think of any one of them. Thinking about all of them at once is just dangerous.

What Is Something That Amazes Her?

The incredible struggles that a lot of my participants have in their daily lives, yet they still show up to my class with smiles on their faces, love in their heart and honest compassion for others. It blows me away EVERY SINGLE day.

What Is Something She Needs Everyday?

I need to laugh!

What Does She Like To Eat And/Or Drink At A Party?

Adriana’s fried plantain & “my” beer margaritas (a participant turned me onto them and I will give the recipe to anyone that will listen).

What Is Her Favorite Thing To Do That Is Not Zumba®?

Dance classes when I can get to them & Hiking.

Licensed To Teach:

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