What Should I Wear to Zumba®?

You can wear any type of fitness clothes: yoga pants, sweat pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts – just make sure you will be comfortable.  A good supportive bra is important too.

The right footwear is essential for Zumba®.  Shoes should have side-to-side motion stability, cushioning, and minimal tread. Minimal tread allows you to change direction and pivot without stressing your knees, ankles or hips.  The best shoes for Zumba® are dance sport shoes or court shoes that you only use indoors.  Running shoes/cross trainers are not a great choice because they tend to have deep treads and little lateral support (we run forward, not sideways).  Whatever shoes you wear, please make sure they are CLEAN to protect the studio floors.  For your safety, please do not do a class in bare or stocking feet.

And once you are hooked, we’ll be happy to sell you some ZumbaWear®-the officially branded line of clothes for Zumba®.  These clothes are fun, colourful & perfect for class.  Please ask your instructor for more information.