What If I’m Not Coordinated Enough To Do Zumba®?

Who cares?  We certainly don’t! No dance experience or ability is required to attend a Zumba® class!  Coordination is optional too!

It may take a few classes to get the “moves” but don’t worry about that. You may feel like you have two-left-feet but soon you’ll be ready for Dancing with the Stars.  Zumba® uses a lot of repetition in every class. After a few classes you will know the basic steps.

Most importantly, in a Zumba® class, you are only expected to move like yourself – not like the instructor and not like your neighbour.  Just feel the music and have fun. If you can’t get a step, move whatever way feels good for you.  There is no wrong or right way in Zumba®– if you are doing something different from everyone else, consider it a solo!  If you want to learn the step, take a moment at the end of class to ask the instructor to show it to you.