What Are the Benefits of Zumba®?

You will build cardio strength and tone muscles. Mentally, you will relieve stress, stimulate your brain by learning coordination and new steps, plus it makes you smile and sweat at the same time!  You’ll find that after a class or two, you can’t wait to come back again!

Listen to a radio interview with Claire Here to find out even more!

 While it very difficult to estimate the number of calories that you will burn during a Zumba® Class, it is safe to say you’ll be burning between 400-900 calories (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less). Your actual caloric burn will depend on you, your body type, your body composition, the intensity, and the range of motion that you use with each workout. Honestly, knowing your caloric burn isn’t that important.  We just want you to come away feeling happy and like you got a great workout.

 One of the most rewarding benefits of Zumba® with Studio VZF is that you will find a wonderfully supportive and diverse community of people who are having the time of their lives while working out and developing great friendships.

In addition to doing Zumba® together, you’ll find the Studio VZF Family all over Victoria participating in events such as the

We’ve also had a few Zumba® vacations together too! We have cruised to Los Angeles, Relaxed in Ixtapa, Mexico and most recently cruised to Alaska.